Goal Check: 2 Months in.

All right two months down. Ten months to go. Time to check in with my short term goals and see how they are coming. 

1. Establish regular/consistent training schedule of at least 6-8 hours per week of training.

On track. According to my training peaks dashboard from the start of the year until now I am averaging six hours and seventeen minutes a week. The per week training time trend line is increasing so this average should continue to rise. The last three weeks have been consistently above average coming at 8:31, 7:37, and 9:27. If I am able to keep this up I should have no problem reaching this goal.

2. Reduce Body Fat to 12% as measured by my Withings scale.

Haven’t made much progress here. Still at 18% as of this morning. While this could be due to the inaccurate nature of the resistive body composition sensor in scales I think it is more likely this is just due to my poor diet. As can be seen from goal number one activity level is not an issue. I will likely have issues hitting my 12% goal by the deadline but will consider it a win if I can achieve a consistent downward trend over the next four months. Since goal one is on track I am going to shift my focus to improving my nutrition in support of this goal.

3. Technical Riding Goals: Manual for one bike length with proper form, track stand 8-10 seconds again with proper form.

Progress here has been incremental but things are progressing. I am focusing on the track stand as that is the goal that seems most in reach right now. I need to dedicate more time to skills focused riding. I have also had luck lately using my GoPro as a training aid to record myself in technical riding situation and then critiquing and reviewing my form after the ride. I need to make a point of applying this technique to the track stand and manual.