Ride Journal 3/12/16

Started of the day with a serious lack of motivation. Took all day to muster up the will to get out for a ride but I finally just pushed through and got out there. So what happened when I got out there. As usual I had a great ride. I hit the small rock drop at coming back up from the bottom of  deadwood that I have always went around. I spent some time do repeats of the lower needles log features and finally got over my mental block on the second feature and hit all three features in a row for the first time. I am starting to build up my speed over them however I think I need to dial in my technique before taking them much faster. I felt myself land a little front heavy after the last feature. Scouted the Hula Girl trail for the first time as well. There are definitely some trail features there that are a little bit outside my comfort zone but it should be a great trail to start taking things to next level on from a downhill standpoint. What really stuck with me about this ride is how easy it would have been to not get out there and how much progress wouldn't have happened if I had taken that easy way. Think of all the times we let our selves take that easy way and how much growth and experience we are missing out on each time. Recapturing just a fraction of that opportunity could be the difference between mediocre and greatness. A lack of motivation is a brick wall, 1mm thick, It looks impenetrable but all you need to do is run through it. 

This was also my first ride with the new TICKR X and Garmin 520. Both worked great. Looking forward to seeing how the TICKR X will perform recording my off bike exercise sessions so I can start capturing that data in Training Peaks.